Each holiday season, you probably deck your front yard out with lights and holiday cheer. Now that Christmas is almost here, did you forget about your pool? Even in Florida, you can still turn your backyard and pool area into a Winter Wonderland. Check out these four festive looks for your pool that can light up those holiday parties you may be having this weekend.

5 Holiday Pool Decorating Ideas


1. Fresh Evergreen Wreaths

Using these holiday classics, hang fresh evergreen wreaths around your pool. Using Styrofoam and floral foam, you can even create a floating wreath for your pool. Using hot glue, attach a foam ring to the wireframe of your wreath. For extra flare, use ribbons or other wreath embellishments to finish the look.

2. Floating Balloon Christmas Trees

Using party balloons, create floating Christmas trees that will wow your party guests! Or you can purchase some cool holiday floats.

3. Pool Noodle Candy Canes

Using a hook and fishing line, create the bend or hook shape of the candy cane. Create the striped look with white tulle or weatherproofed ribbon! The candy canes can float or be hung around your pool area.

4. Floating Bubble Lights

Color-changing LED floating lights can set the atmosphere for any occasion. For the winter months, you can set the lights to display a solid color of red, green or blue. Want to get to crafty? Slice cylinder Styrofoam pieces (or a pool noodle) and spray paint it gold. Using a hot glue gun, attach the Styrofoam to the floating ball. Attach gold wire to the top of the Styrofoam to create a hook, and you have floating Christmas ornaments!

5. Classic Luminaries

Whether you have them poolside or purchase the floating version, classic luminaries are sure to put your family and guests in the Holiday spirit.

Safety first, of course!

As always, pool safety is extremely important when enjoying your backyard, especially at night. Whether there are children, adults, or both at the party, make sure to remove any potential trip or fall hazards. Designate several party-goers to take turns watching the pool to prevent any accidents going unseen. Make sure to have a safety plan in place.