The pool season is different in Florida. Even in Jacksonville and throughout North Florida, many people enjoy their pool for most of the year. Whether you like to swim all year long or if you prefer just to sit by your inground pool during those cool winter months, here are some important tips to keep your pool in top condition in the winter so it’s in great shape all year long:

  • Continue cleaning and maintaining your pool — Even if you’re using your pool less during the winter months, it’s important to maintain a regular cleaning routine. Because more leaves fall this time of year, empty the debris traps every few days to keep buildup from clogging your filtration system. Also, keep your filter clean, vacuum regularly and maintain your chlorine levels.
  • Keep the pump running — You should have the pump running on a daily basis. If you don’t plan to use the pool as much in the winter, you can cut back on the runtime but not much. In the event we have a rare freeze, the pump should run overnight.
  • Monitor the water level — In the winter rainfall can decrease and the nights will become chillier, potentially leading to more evaporation. Monitor your pool’s water level and add water as needed.
  • Keep an eye on algae — Even in the winter, areas of Florida can be prone to algae blooms. Test your pool’s water chemistry and balance as needed.
  • Heat your pool — The use of a pool heater is a great way to enjoy your inground pool all year long. If you have a heater, test firing heaters regularly for proper operation. Using a liquid solar blanket additive can help with energy savings, prevent heat loss and reduce evaporation. Plus it’s safer and more convenient than covering your pool with a solar blanket.

So for all of your upcoming holiday parties and beyond, follow these tips to safely enjoy or maintain your pool all winter long. And for all of your pool services needs or questions, give SurfSide Pools a call at 904-246-2666.