Having a pool can cause a polarizing effect: on one hand, it’s the ultimate spring and summer must-have for your family. On the other, it can sit abandoned during the colder Northeast  Florida months. Some pool owners start to look at the cost of upkeep and maintenance during those downtimes and wonder if it is worth the money. 

To save, some homeowners look to simply ignore or try a little DIY maintenance themselves rather than keeping their weekly pool services. If you are one of those people, you, unfortunately, may be facing two issues you are not aware of: 

  1. Nationwide materials shortages 
  2. Start-up or emergency service costs  

Pool Chemical Shortages  

A series of events over the last 12 – 18 months have occurred that took many pool owners and pool companies by surprise. 

Around late Spring and early Summer, a nationwide supply shortage occurred for chlorine. So much so that parts of the country have quantity restrictions. Chlorine tablet prices doubled since last year, even spiking 70% according to CNBC news. If you don’t consider hurricane season exacerbating the problem, it becomes even more depressing when considering the high demand due to staying home and last-minute buyers at the beginning of pool season. 

Local news outlets conclude those pool owners in the Northern US are generally reported to be  most affected but specific states that are seeing the most severe shortages are as follows: 

If you are looking to go the DIY route this fall/winter you will see higher prices when trying to purchase chemicals in smaller quantities, if you can find them at all. You may also lose any  “grandfathered in pricing” with your current contracts. 

Benefits of Pool Cleanup During Winter  

The more proactive you are with the upkeep of your pool during these upcoming months, the lower your costs down the line, and ultimately your annual budget. All of this is possible if you keep your service provider.  

By Homeguide’s standard (a major home improvement company), annual upkeep costs of pools are between $900 – $1800. But, that’s just upkeep. If you include repairs, electricity, and water, the average jumps to $3000 – $5000 a year according to both Homeguide and Homeadvisor

Continuing with professional pool services saves on these costs down the line, specifically the time when you want to use your pool the most. When summer finally arrives, you’ll be met with shortages, spiking prices, and a surplus of last-minute buyers. 

Other items that could far outweigh the savings you think you’ll get by doing maintenance  yourself are:  

Major water imbalance resulting in a green pool 

Damage to the surface due to neglect 

Damage to equipment 

Professional pool services are best when utilized year-round, and can save you a lot of time and money (in the long run). There is also the convenience of not having to store purchased items that have an expiration, actually finding and purchasing the chemicals, and of course the hassle of actually getting out and cleaning the pool yourself. Plus, a trained pair of eyes can spot leaks, rips, and handle the pump and filter. Early detection of issues equals avoidance of any unexpected breakdowns. And not only that, but a trained professional can also keep algae at bay with frequent checkups on the chemical balance of the pool.

If you would rather Float Happy™ than deal with Fall Pool Maintenance, then give us a call or click for a quote today.