The holidays are here, and Florida Homeowners are prepping their pools for the holidays. We recently gave you some holiday pool decorating tips, so today I want to talk about winterizing your pool. Sure, Florida doesn’t provide “White Christmas” — isn’t that the reason we live here in the first place? — but it’s still important to make some adjustments to your pool maintenance.

Luckily we don’t need to worry about super extreme winterizing here on the First Coast, however, there are some things you really should do to prep your pool for wintertime.

How to Winterize a Florida Pool

There are a few main items to ensure you can still Float Happy™ this winter while saving some time and costs.

  • Keep your pool’s pump operational and running efficiently.
  • Optimize your pool’s chlorine output to keep your pool clean but not overdoing it — saving you money
  • Get an annual maintenance checkup on your pool heater

Consider Some Upgrades

With less usage, winter is a good time to consider some upgrades. Plus, it makes a great Christmas gift to yourself and family!

Remodeling, adding some features, refinishing or adding new equipment or lighting can make a huge difference.

Get Yearly Maintenance

A professional checkup is always a great idea this time of year. Just like a vehicle, your HVAC system or any other mechanical system, you want to get regular checkups to ensure everything is running efficiently and effectively.

An annual checkup can include filter cleanings, chemical balance examinations, electrical checkups and more. 

Contact SurfSide Pools to discuss any of the items. Happy Holidays!