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What to consider with new pool construction. Installing a pool in your backyard is obviously a great way to enjoy the great outdoors, especially here in Northeast Florida. It not only allows you to spend time with family and friends, but it also lets you get the most out of your property. While putting in a pool seems like a great idea on the surface, many homeowners are overwhelmed by the process of new pool construction and aren’t sure where to start. What are the things you need to consider with new pool construction? How can you find the right pool builder for you?

What Does the Process for New Pool Construction Look Like?

The process of new pool construction can be very in-depth depending on what you are looking for and how much needs to be done to prepare the space. After you find the right pool builder, there are many different decisions that you will need to make, including:

  • Your budget
  • What size do you want the pool to be
  • What shape do you want the pool to be
  • If you want there to be other accessories, including spa features, luxury tile, a sun shelf, a deck, or others
  • Landscaping features to surround the pool and make it an oasis

Once the design is finalized and you have the quote, you will need to obtain the appropriate permits. Your new pool will need to satisfy the requirements set by your HOA, your city, your state, and any other governing bodies.

Once permitting is done, your pool builder will lay out the pool in accordance with the design and quote that you approved. Excavation will begin, and your builder will use heavy-duty equipment to remove soil, rock, and any other debris at the pool site. The plumbing equipment will be installed and the structural steel will be laid out to strengthen a concrete pool. Next, electrical wiring will be installed and examined by your local authorities, if necessary.

After everything is approved, the pool itself will be installed. For concrete pools, like the ones SufSide Pools installs, the curing process will take a few days. During that time, decking can be installed so that you have an attractive place to enjoy your new pool. Many homeowners are required to have a final city inspection once the pool is finished and before it is filled. After that occurs, the pool surface can be finished and the pool will be filled. Then, you just have to jump in!

How Can You Find the Right Pool Builder?

All pool builders are not alike, and your new pool will be such a significant investment that you don’t want to risk it being poorly designed or installed. When you get bids for your new pool construction, you should check the license of the company to ensure it is up to date. Look for reviews and examine their portfolio carefully to ensure that they have completed similar projects successfully in the past.

Some pool builders offer in-house financing or have strong recommendations. They may offer other benefits like warranties for the pool or pieces of equipment. Many homeowners also choose to partner with companies that offer pool service, maintenance, and repairs in addition to initial installation. This makes it easier to get support in the future to keep your pool in excellent condition.

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