With spring weather trying to stick around for good, this time of year comes with its own unique issues when it comes to pool maintenance here in Northeast Florida. With the huge mess left recently by the temperature fluctuations and winds, here are some tips to keep your pool in pristine condition so you can Float Happy™ all spring long!

1. Schedule now before things get out of control

If you are looking to go the DIY route, a spring pool cleaning visit from a professional pool company while the temperature is still moderate is a very good idea. Temperatures above 51 degrees create a conducive environment for accelerated algae growth, and this is not what you want to have in your pool. Plan now to prevent unnecessary expenditures or time to get rid of the algae.

Another tip, prune any overgrowing plants near the pool too.

2. Clean up debris.

With so many oak trees in Florida, you may need to prune those branches growing over your pool to help reduce the leaves and other debris falling into your pool.

3. Get your tools ready.

Make sure your tools and necessary supplies are available and in good condition. Replace and repair any parts, mechanical systems, and tools so that they are ready. Top off any supplies of test kits and chemicals that are running low or expired.

4. Visual Inspection

Inspect your pool for any visible cracks, loose tiles, and anything that the temperatures and more frequent use could worsen. Pool remodels and repairs are best scheduled ahead of peak usage season i.e. summertime!

5. Do not empty the pool.

Do not empty your pool unless you have a structural issue or severe algae build-up. Instead, clean the water already in the pool.

If you decide that emptying is the only solution, don’t do it yourself! 

You risk damaging your pool by draining it, or worse your pool could pop out of the ground. Really.

Please do not make this extremely costly mistake. Not only will it take a toll on your finances, but there are also environmental and “neighborly” effects to consider. In other words, have a professional asses the situation and then professionally drain the pool if that is what is needed.

Of course, keeping your pool in top shape also requires maintaining your mechanical components, testing the water, balancing the chemicals, and brushing/vacuuming. If this is all a bit too much to deal with on your own, we are here to provide you with regular monthly pool services. If more time Floating Happy and less time fussing with your pool health sounds good then give us a call!